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A Passion for Engineering

Engineering is a passion and a tradition at Odin Engineering Company. We have a personal commitment to delivering the best cost effective solutions to our customers. Successful designs range from receivers implanted in humans to transmitters orbiting in space.

Experience counts.

Odin Engineering has been doing wireless since before wireless was cool.

Many companies use your requirements as a means to sell you their components or technologies. The path to project success is littered with demo boards and application schematics that don't work or system designs a few dB short of reality.

Odin Engineering has the design experience to help you build successful wireless or analog systems based not on the latest fad but an appropriate level of technology for your issues.

Whether your product requires a simple off-the-shelf solution or a custom microwave hybrid circuit, you can be sure the solution chosen has been optimized to suit the application and the manufacturing technology available.

Experience also allows us to offer something else - innovation. Because of our wide knowledge of RF and analog techniques, often an idea from one field of electronics can be applied in a novel way in another. If required, new concepts can be explored.

Whatever it takes - that's what Odin Engineering is ready to do for you. A simple tweak of an existing design, or something entirely new, whatever is appropriate for the solution of your problems.

The Wall of Science

Odin Engineering knows most electrical circuits don't look much different, working or not. Good test equipment is essential to proving a good design or troubleshooting another. Spectrum Analyzers, Vector Network Analyzers, Noise Figure and Power meters, and Frequency Counters lead off the long list of facility equipment.