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Completed Projects

An Engineering Portfolio

We have designed, built, fixed and repaired many projects for many clients. Here's a sampling of them...

900 MHz frequency hopping data transceiver
Low power RF data link for offender monitoring system
Wideband FM VHF telemetry receiver
Frequency synthesized 915 MHz FSK low power data link
Satellite communications Low Noise Amplifier with integral bandpass filter
C/X/Ku band low noise satellite up and downconverter
Sweeping VHF/UHF communications test receiver
Miniature RF frequency counter with data logging (patented)
315 MHz ASK transmitter/receiver
315 MHz remote control transmitter in watch case
VHF full duplex telemetry system for Naval Underwater Weapons Lab
Receiver spectrum display adapter with digital display storage
Bench precision frequency counter
Multioctave tunable bandpass filter
Computer control adapter board for scanning receiver